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Raising Mental Health Awareness

Promoting positive mental wellbeing through sharing a personal journey.
With help and support we thrive.
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Promoting positive mental wellbeing, grounded in a personal journey through illness to hope

Jeremy O’Dwyer

Mental Health Speaker, Trainer and founder of Talking Mental Fitness

Jeremy O’Dwyer, survived a suicide attempt in 2010 after years living with depression.
Jeremy’s career spans over forty years in both public and private sectors, including many years working in export sales. Following redundancy, he eventually started a new career as a member of staff within the police service. Because of his lived experience, Jeremy became particularly interested in mental health in the workplace.
Using his experience, empathy and knowledge, he now works to raise mental health awareness in the workplace and create a supportive and positive culture. 

We work with businesses to…

Reduce stigma

Stigma, the mark of shame, is probably the biggest barrier to people opening up about mental illness and seeking help.  At Talking Mental Fitness, this stigma is challenged in a way to encourage people to talk and others actively listen.


Being better informed about mental wellbeing, employers are in a unique position to support staff in ways unimaginable that positively benefits staff personally and reduce sickness absence and “presenteeism” costs to the organisation

Encourage communication

If you think someone isn’t well… ask… ask again
When I say “I’m fine”, chances are I’m not.
Listen to someone’s experience, without fear or judgement

Who we are

At Talking Mental Fitness, we strive to raise mental health and suicide awareness through story telling and customised training.  Increasing peoples understanding will help challenge the stigma and create a more supportive culture for those who need our help

A personal experience

Jeremy’s work is built upon his lived experience, enabling him to deliver subject matter with passion, empathy and sincerity

Promote mental well-being in the workplace.

A good employer will provide a workplace that supports employees in their time of need, resulting in a healthier and happier and more productive staff

Offer support for those in need

Creating a culture where people feel safe in seeking help, without fear of judgement or discrimination

Based upon personal experience offering …..

Plenary Speaker

Jeremy delivers plenary sessions for MHFA England Instructor Trainer courses as well as other organisations. The session is designed to raise awareness of mental health generally and more specifically depression and suicide.

Stress Audits

Using the HSE Stress audit toolkit, Jeremy can undertake audits in the workplace, collating data and feeding back findings. He can work with managers in responding to some of the issues raised. 

Mental Health Risk Assessment

Jeremy is competent is undertaking individual risk assessments for those effected by mental health problems.

Trauma Risk Incident Management (TRiM)

Jeremy is trained in the use of this model, developed by the military in response to an increase in PTSD. It is very specific and focused on working with the individual. 1:1 interviews held shortly after a traumatic incident help identify and signpost an individual to sources of help.

“Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step” – Mariska Hargitay

If you are struggling with mental health, there is always help. Take a look on our resources page to find contact details of organisations here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find help if I am struggling with my mental health?

There are a range of services at both national and local available 24/7. See the Resources page for details of a selection of these. Others are available depending on the type of support you need and how you want to access that support. Whilst it might not be easy, don’t forget family, friends and colleagues, they might be concerned you are not well and waiting for an opportunity to talk to you about their concerns.

What services do you offer and which is best for me?

I can offer a range of services from speaking events, awareness training and risk assessments. They are primarily aimed at organisations to help them support their staff and create a supportive safer environment. They can be tailored to suit the needs of the organisation. Contact Talking Mental Fitness for more details.

How can I make my workplaces a better environment for my staff / colleagues

Improving understanding of mental illness can help organisations make better judgement based decisions on how to support staff. Often, it begins by encouraging a supportive culture towards those affected by mental illness. Offering training to staff, will help to challenge stigma, and foster an environment whereby people feel more comfortable opening up and talking about how they are feeling, without fear of judgement or ridicule. As managers, understanding how even small adjustments in the workplace can have a substantial positive impact upon an individual’s wellbeing.

I know someone who struggles with mental health. What can I do to help them?

Ask the person how they are and be prepared for the brush off. Ask again and explain what you have noticed and that you are concerned about them. Listen with out judgment and offer to support and direct them to sources of help – the professionals.
You are not there to fix their problems or heal them. But by showing an interest and taking the time to listen will go a long way in the path to recovery.

Start your journey to improving mental fitness in your workplace